Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Theater play “The Night”, at Rivoli Teathe, with audiociscription.

The Rivoli Theatre in OPorto will present , the first play written by José Saramago, “ The Night”  . Will take place on May 10th  will have audiodescription available for blind people . This system does not interfere with other viewers of the show .
" In the office of a newspaper in Lisbon , on the night of April 24, 1974 , the routine will be interrupted by discussion between the Editor of the Province , Manuel Torres , a journalist with heart and soul that defends journalistic truth above any other interest, with your copy chief , Abilio Valadares , submissive to political power man who accepts the cen ness to the texts of the newspaper without question and that has the unconditional support of Maximo Redondo, editor of the newspaper . " ( ... )
" A microrevolution is installed within the newsroom . The uncer tainty grows until it can prove what may be happening on the street. But even after proven facts , which is that the truth will win? Is there any news on the front page of the next day ? "
This piece was adapted by Paulo Sousa Costa , has the enactment of Jose Carlos Garcia and features actors Vitor Norte, Paulo Pires , João Lagarto , Pedro Lima , Joana Santos , Sofia Sá da Bandeira, Samuel Alves and Filipe Crawford .

 Visit the stage for blind people by 20.30
30m describing the scenery, costumes , face , and voice characteristics of characters ( 20 to 30m ) .
The play  beggins   at 21.30 hours
Conversation with actors 23.30h
Book audio description equipment to purchase your ticket.
Only € 8 in 1st Stalls
( exclusive campaign and accompanying spectators with visual disabilities , prior reservation )
GPS Location
41 ° 8'52 .58 " N 8 ° 36'31 .93 " W
Praça Dom João I , 4000-295 Porto, Portugal

Source : Magazine Consigo Blog

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