Sunday, May 21, 2017

Portuguese Guitar Concert with audio description

On May 25, at the Municipal Theater S.Luiz, in Lisbon will be held a concert "Yesterday and today's guitar" by guitarist Pedro Caldeira Cabral. This concert will have audio description and stage recognition.
Show's outdoor 
This show starts at 9pm. At 8 pm a wil take place a stage recognition given to spectators with visual impairment.


"Pedro Caldeira Cabral, internationally recognized as a composer and multi-instrumentalist celebrates 50 years of his career, in a two-day event, with the theme of valorization and promotion of the patrimonial heritage of Portuguese Guitar.
The Portuguese guitar, with its particular sonority and unique expressive resources. There is a past, a gift and a future that matters to know.
Currently it is our only popular instrument whose transversality of use is expressed in the most diverse musical areas, from Fado to Ancient Music or from World Music to Jazz. "


This show is for people over 6 years old

Price of tickets: € 12 - € 15 € (with discounts € 5 - € 10,50)


Rua António Maria Cardoso, 38
1200-027 Lisboa

GPS coordinates:

N 38'42'32.163 "
W 9'8'32.985 "

Tel. (+351) 213 257 640
+351) 213 257 631

Ticket Office
Tel. (+351) 213 257 650

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