Friday, April 24, 2015

Tróia beaches between the most beautiful in Europe

Versão Portuguesa

he readers of two foreign newspapers elected three Portuguese beaches as the most beautiful in Europe and in Portugal. One of these beaches is accessible to people with disabilities.

Readers of Thrillist,  travel, shopping, food  newspaper and readers of the British "The Guardian" chose the Tóia- Mar, Tróia-Bico  and Tróia-Galé as the most beautiful in Europe, for the americans, and the most beautiful of Portugal to the english.

The reasons for this choice have to do with all the natural surroundings as the 18 km of sandy beaches,with few people, turquoise blue waters, the possibility of Dolphins observation "Bottlenose dolphins", a kind of Sado River cetaceans. Readers also elected the equity component of the region as the TróiaRoman Ruins and the stilts port of Carrasqueira.

Note that Tróia-Mar, Tróia- Bico and Tróia-Galé are recognized by Quercus, Portuguese environmental organization, as "Beaches with Gold Quality", and are also awarded the Blue Flag. The Trói-Mar beach, it has every year the list of accessible beaches program "Accessible Beach, Beach for All" of the National Rehabilitation Institute.


A2  Grândola, Santiago do Cacém or Alcácer do Sal exit.

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